Webdoc : La crise financière

Conception, web design & development

About the project

In this webdocumentary, we take you to different places in Paris in order for you to understand the impact of the financial crisis of 2008 in France. The learning experience starts with a video which explains how it started in the US to finally reach Europe. After this introduction you can choose to go to 3 locations to know more about the Economic, Politic and Social impact. While you're going to the National Assembly through Paris, learn along the way with information displayed in the video. Once you're at the location, a zapping video quickly explains the main information. After your journey, take the quizz and see if you master the subject.

On this project of 3 people my work had a wide range of areas. I started with storyboards for us to record videos accordingly, then I went onto wireframes, web design and front-end development.

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Storyboard: introduction

Storyboard: journey through Paris